Wednesday, June 08, 2011

2 Months In 7 Minutes and 18 Seconds.

I spent long hours listening to music not to hear my self thinking and plotting against me. Certain times when the ipod batterie was gone, I couldn't help but pay attention to my ideas. I had to act like everything seemed interesting to avoid confrontation.
A playlist was put together, which was built out of suggestions and some of my own choices.
I remember a night in Rome, the roughest weekend i had thru the trip. Listening to The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, the song was: "Adult Friction", it brought me back from the darkness.
Overall I listened a lot to: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Vic Ruggiero (no specific order).

I managed to fit  two months of wandering, sleeping late, drinking alone, looking away, watching people, watching things, riding borrowed/stolen bikes, no talking, sleeping on train stations, bad smell, and a long etcetera, into seven minutes and eighteen seconds.

"Don't check me out
Don't check me out
Don't check me out
o o o out "

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