Sunday, April 27, 2008

tres veces mojado... o lo que es lo mismo... la frontera y yo...

It hasn't really been three times this should be the fifth one
and to be honest it has always been weird to me...

if it's december it's so cold that it freezes my bones

and if it's summer i melt on the floor

if it's a car someone else drives it as we cross, all i do is sit tight and play it cool

and the fence has holes and the holes are to step on and then climb to the other side...

another constant is me being broke everytime i stay here longer that a day, i have never been here without counting the coins left in my pocket...

i've met the best people and i didn't even met them here but they from here...

whenever i eat here is mostly quesadillas, yoghurt, cookies, water and of course beer (ocasionally i get high)...

if it wasn' for your voice telling me it will be alright
i wouldn' even consider the posibility...

i would just go on the way i used to...

but you say it with such conviction...

i can't help it

i feel so many times tied to what i am (is that supossed to be right)

lately this anoying rash bugs the hell out of my last tattoo (left elbow)

as i felt more confortable the border taxed me...

last november i payed the "newbie" fee

last year i noticed what it was like living here (mexico)

i finally realized how things work

this time i am back again i kind of know my way arround (i mean i wont get lost easily and i can find main avenues)...

i owe almost 100,000 time what i have (wich is none)

and as i think about it i don't think i should be crossing

because i've already been in there


and i know in less than 48 hours

i will be moving frozen meat inside a fridge

Sunday, April 13, 2008


La palabra antología proviene del griego y significa originalmente
selección o escogido de flores. Actualmente se refiere a una colección de las obras de mayor calidad o mas representativas de un autor, de un genero o de un estilo literario.

(Primera parte de bastantes)

MAY 1997

After having a good time
you always go back to reality
the problem is that
so many times
you are not ready to deal with it.

Yesterday i saw those eyes
filled with pain;
hide it, why?

A tear stuck in your eyes
all about to break down
must be strong
not to show you've been harmed

They are blind
and never realize what they got
they just waste it all.

Keep it away from you
not to be as seek as they are
not to have the same illness they do.

It won't take longer
until it's all gone
hold yourself
from whatever you can.

Nothing to live for,
i'm beaten
All i have is my self
until it disappear
i will exist
My mind, my interiority
will be gone.

All you imagine has been said
nothing's left.

...if you just wanted to take my hand
i would take you there
where everyone wants to go.

You have to give me what you most want
that's the ticket for the ride
just make uup your mind.

You're wondering if i'm honest
you never know
you never know what you will get...

Don't say a word
walls could listen
that's not convenient you know.

Let's play a game:
we are friends again
try to pretend nothing has changed.

I still remember
you know what i mean.
And it burns inside not to say a word
it's like a cancer.

The rooom has a peculiar brightness...
Who knows...
We lost control...
just look at you...
Nothing will save us now. can look at me the way you want to
you can think of me what you want...

Where dreams turn into nightmares.

Go to sleep tonight
and make us think -feel- nothing has changed...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Career Oportunities



-Carrer Oportunities-


No pues esta cabrón...

So i've been thinking...
about the things i say,
about the things i said,
the things i will say.

When did i stop hanging out with my childhood friends, it all seem so close...
as if last weekend we were playing basketball
or playing cards on new years eve
pushing someone's head to the cake after singing "las mañanitas"

Now most of them are pushing a stroller
buying diapers and baby food,
asking me when am i going to have a baby?

I remember once being asked if we'd be dancing to the same rhythm until we were old...
and i said yes,
i didn't mean no harm
i didn't mean to lie
i just thought we would

We all move on
even when we fight it
we have to (at least we do)

Then we emptied bottles
on our empty stomachs
and walked the streets like we owned them
and we did
as we walked we did
no one could have ever told us contrary...
no one ever will...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

sin embargo me parece
que no es necesrio ser visceral
aceptar que nosotros somos creadores
tendemos a idealizar y hay una necesidad por obtener algo
etapa desafortunada
y en realidad no es tan complicado
siempre existe el derecho a...
lo tenia,
aunque pareciera que llego a destiempo...
no es posible, se tiene que aprender
si me siento rebasado (CAUSA)
tengo que abandonarlos todo (EFECTO)
quien asume el fracaso
y quien lo reconoce
en mi vida...

a que se debe que el impulso no haya sido suficiente...
no me gusta limitarme
el problema fue...
la vocacion
la locura
hay claridad en lo que sucede
luego entonces existe un limite
todo es mucho mas complejo cuando no se cumplen las expectativas

hay algo masoquista
cambio necesario...

aun escuchando otras pendejadas
escribo las mias...
que remedio...


bla bla bla

asdokdmesrewokf miogvnjvnmkormv
f;;rlp kqfgkqropk q

q q rq qiuiqjf q
como puedo decir loq ue quiero decir
o peor aun (para mi) como lo puefo escribir
askdjiedjkfmkafkljaio f;
afm iewafkamfa;
en ocasiones mi mente va mas rapido (mucho mas) que mis dedos...
aunque sea solo para pensar pendejadas
autoayuda medida extrema
desempleo elegido...
sdkoaskjd aoswo asidwe ssi aioiaeewdj
entonces es necesario exigirlo
solo por dignidad...