Tuesday, May 27, 2008

30 y dias... o lo que es lo mismo... never too old?

El pasado viernes 23 de Mayo, en LA VORAGINE, en el merito pinche Centro de Tlalpan (osea en casa de la chingada)

aqui las imagenes que no son las mejores...
pero no culpo a la camara...
mucho menos a la bebida...
culpo a mi edad jodida...

A Todos los Señores

*Mascara de GLADIS

*GLADIS y su trono


Then on sunday we took over Marti's house (without Marti being there) and had ourselves a little bday party (that was the excuse)

cooking for nobody... (Post Atrasado)


*Opcion #1
-cama de berenjena
-filete de robalo

*Opcion #2
-cama de berenjena
-filete de robalo
-cebolla morada
-salsa de soya

*Opcion #3
-frijoles con chorizo
-rajas con queso
-sopa de flor de clabaza
-flor de calabaza (para quesadillas)

-se solicita persona activa para lavar trastes...

Friday, May 23, 2008

NOVEMBER 2007 in MAY 2008... o lo que es lo mismo... SHOULD 'VE - WOULD 'VE - COULD 'VE

3600 km
on the wheel
from mexicali to d.f.
excuses are over
it is what it is

para mi suena bastante mamón
mas a los 30

-celebrando, que la copa reboto...

-igualita pero con un chingo de mas cosas... ah y una caseta...



-stick 'em up

-dia 2

-dia 3

-concrete jungle

lo pasado, PASADO

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BUENAS NOTICIAS... o lo que es lo mismo... por las que van de arena

so in a way at this age i can say,
that most of the times "i know what to expect...
o lo que es lo mismo... lo que no debo esperar (en español)"
and even though it's two different things as far as the way they are written in the end it means the same.
When losing something as a child i remember the first was to look for it frenetically, everywhere probably crying in desperation, then looking for it backwards going step by step thru the things i did before i it went missing, and eventually giving up knowing (accepting) i wouldn't find it.
So after thinking about it everyday and thinking you know where it is, and going back to look for it, you realize you really don't know and finally you give up for real.
As time passes the day least expected you bump into it, you kick something and there it is, as you are about to throw things away you see it and rush to pick it up; of course it has lost
it's shine and pieces are missing.
When you've lost something for the first time you start looking for the pieces and try to wipe of the dust, if it's not the first time you just look over the trash or take a quick look to where you found it, knowing that there's nothing else to be found, no questions to be answered and certainly no one else to blame but you.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

what i say i want... what i think i want... what i want

i guess before i started typing
i was thinking i wanted to write a song
i wanted it to rhyme
to have some type of flow...
make it a good song
make it catchy
and still have something to say
so i keep typing
and it doesn't feel like a song,
but it isn't meant to be
no one will sing along
no one will sing on the shower
there is no record deal
there is no INDY industry behind it
no one is looking for new talent
and a blog wouldn't do as talent
this blogger is no talented...

so in the end
i have to say
this is the song i wrote
and i will sing it (read it from the top of my lounges)
i will be
no no no no
i won't be
i guess it's just a song
not even a one hit wonder
in the meantime
i mumble a real song
one that's been on the back of my head...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

every day is sunday... o lo que es lo mismo... ya dejate de mamadas cabron...

Every day is Sunday when you're unemployed
Hey, it sounds pretty good, man, I should be overjoyed
But when every day is Sunday
When every day is Sunday
When every day is Sunday
Friday never comes

Do you think I should write a novel, maybe write some songs
I'll show you how I'm the genius you thought I was all along
But every day is Sunday
Every day is Sunday
Every day is Sunday
Friday never comes

I got...
Nothin' to do
Than to sit here...
Starin at you
And you got...
Nothin' to say
That I wanna hear

You got...
Nothin' to say
So I'm just...
Wastin' away
I guess I'll...
Go outside and do nothing

Every day is Sunday when you're unemployed

Saturday, May 03, 2008

so then i wonder
as i get off the plane
even before i knew it would be like this

i feel a little anxious and restless
but it will be gone in a couple of hours
and everyday for no reason out of nowhere i will be like that again

but in the end
it all comes to this
it's the same old song

but as i said
am i fucked up to feel like this
not to feel anything
for getting used to it so soon


escuchando a JOE STRUMMER...
Before I Grow Too Old (Silver and Gold)

...and i have to hurry up before i grow too old!

Friday, May 02, 2008

SIN FUTURO... o lo que es lo mismo... EMPATE CON SABOR A DERROTA!!!

Originally uploaded by Acamonchi

Año 2000

Migra 0
Sin Futuro 1

Año 2002

Migra 0
Sin Futuro 1

Año 2004

Migra 0
Sin Futuro 1

Año 2006

1er Salto
Migra 1
Sin Futuro 0

Año 2006

2do Salto
Migra 0
Sin Futuro 1

Año 2008

Migra 0
Sin Futuro 0

Empate con sabor a derrota...
pero volvere...
asi igual como sentencia el COLOSIO de CACAMONCHI...

Originally uploaded by Acamonchi