Thursday, May 08, 2008

what i say i want... what i think i want... what i want

i guess before i started typing
i was thinking i wanted to write a song
i wanted it to rhyme
to have some type of flow...
make it a good song
make it catchy
and still have something to say
so i keep typing
and it doesn't feel like a song,
but it isn't meant to be
no one will sing along
no one will sing on the shower
there is no record deal
there is no INDY industry behind it
no one is looking for new talent
and a blog wouldn't do as talent
this blogger is no talented...

so in the end
i have to say
this is the song i wrote
and i will sing it (read it from the top of my lounges)
i will be
no no no no
i won't be
i guess it's just a song
not even a one hit wonder
in the meantime
i mumble a real song
one that's been on the back of my head...

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