Saturday, May 03, 2008

so then i wonder
as i get off the plane
even before i knew it would be like this

i feel a little anxious and restless
but it will be gone in a couple of hours
and everyday for no reason out of nowhere i will be like that again

but in the end
it all comes to this
it's the same old song

but as i said
am i fucked up to feel like this
not to feel anything
for getting used to it so soon


escuchando a JOE STRUMMER...
Before I Grow Too Old (Silver and Gold)

...and i have to hurry up before i grow too old!


Xoloescuintla_Pachiklosa said...

será ke uno siempre se tiene ke resignar?

o mejor dejar ke te digan inestable?

Txus said...

un poco...
como todo...

justamente estaba escuchando a Joe (rock art & the x-ray style, las ultimas tres canciones)...

que dice la gente del norte nacional?...(que nadie me entera de nada mas que con fotos...y no precisamente del norte nacional)...

Xoloescuintla_Pachiklosa said...

cambié mi dirección