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La palabra antología proviene del griego y significa originalmente
selección o escogido de flores. Actualmente se refiere a una colección de las obras de mayor calidad o mas representativas de un autor, de un genero o de un estilo literario.

(Primera parte de bastantes)

MAY 1997

After having a good time
you always go back to reality
the problem is that
so many times
you are not ready to deal with it.

Yesterday i saw those eyes
filled with pain;
hide it, why?

A tear stuck in your eyes
all about to break down
must be strong
not to show you've been harmed

They are blind
and never realize what they got
they just waste it all.

Keep it away from you
not to be as seek as they are
not to have the same illness they do.

It won't take longer
until it's all gone
hold yourself
from whatever you can.

Nothing to live for,
i'm beaten
All i have is my self
until it disappear
i will exist
My mind, my interiority
will be gone.

All you imagine has been said
nothing's left.

...if you just wanted to take my hand
i would take you there
where everyone wants to go.

You have to give me what you most want
that's the ticket for the ride
just make uup your mind.

You're wondering if i'm honest
you never know
you never know what you will get...

Don't say a word
walls could listen
that's not convenient you know.

Let's play a game:
we are friends again
try to pretend nothing has changed.

I still remember
you know what i mean.
And it burns inside not to say a word
it's like a cancer.

The rooom has a peculiar brightness...
Who knows...
We lost control...
just look at you...
Nothing will save us now. can look at me the way you want to
you can think of me what you want...

Where dreams turn into nightmares.

Go to sleep tonight
and make us think -feel- nothing has changed...

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Xoloescuintla_Pachiklosa said...

tsssss mayo del 97

apenas vi un coment ke me dejaste en julio del 2007 ...

se va el tiempo y ke keda? lo ke fuiste y ahora no eres ...

cámara pues