Thursday, April 10, 2008


No pues esta cabrón...

So i've been thinking...
about the things i say,
about the things i said,
the things i will say.

When did i stop hanging out with my childhood friends, it all seem so close...
as if last weekend we were playing basketball
or playing cards on new years eve
pushing someone's head to the cake after singing "las mañanitas"

Now most of them are pushing a stroller
buying diapers and baby food,
asking me when am i going to have a baby?

I remember once being asked if we'd be dancing to the same rhythm until we were old...
and i said yes,
i didn't mean no harm
i didn't mean to lie
i just thought we would

We all move on
even when we fight it
we have to (at least we do)

Then we emptied bottles
on our empty stomachs
and walked the streets like we owned them
and we did
as we walked we did
no one could have ever told us contrary...
no one ever will...

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