Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smooth As Fuck

Woke up with a migraine, I had my stomach empty and still swallowed two advils.
Put some coffee on the stove and went to the bedroom to shave and get dressed.
I realized it was really late and forgot to drink my coffee, i think I need a new route to go to work I realized this route is getting me bored, while riding on Eje 3 and turning onto Canal del Norte I realized.
A guy driving a white Nissan got mad and was trying to cut me off all the way from the start of Reforma to Metro Hidalgo. Motherfucker is driving a car and gets mad at someone riding a bike...
By the way i still beat him!!!

The rest of my working day was average, and by average I mean...
Well you should know what i mean!!!

Tomorrow I should bake some more.

In the mean time i will go finish my drink and get ready for tomorrow's Monday.


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