Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Sunday Feb. 27/2011
-"The first time I ever saw you"
  Johnny Cash

It's 6:53am and the road is covered with ice, snow on the sides...

Couldn't make the Olympus work.

That's what happened after my first morning far from home(again). We went to sleep around one in the morning, after catching up with our friends an realizing how different their lifes are, different in a way that would have never occurred to me; All these while drinking coffe and eating home made bread with some butter and cheese.
I was awake since four and was just moving face up face down again and again, until I decided to just get up and go look thru the window. Outside the roofs of the houses were still covered with snow, then I tought of listening to music an I played some Johnny Cash on the iPod, "The first time I ever saw you" was the first song. While looking at Maria I felt lucky.
Then I thought of taking a picture but couldn't make the Olympus work.

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