Monday, March 28, 2011

March 27/2011

I am walking on a parallel life, the one that could have been and is not. This places I have been the scenarios i have seen. Even tough I am here you can't really see me, i'm some kind of reflection like the one on the mirror or the puddle on the sidewalk because of the morning rain.
Then again i am walking this road "What could have been, but is not"
It's weird feeling comfortable in a place but at the same time having this urge to leave. I pretty much feel like saying goodbye to the city.
Hope this time I find what i'm looking for.
I feel so unsatisfied, life is sometimes really exhausting in a funny way: just enough to get you down but not enough to keep you from going.
I know what I'm not, what I don't have. I should get something out of this trip.
And it all should end where it started...
Living a life that doesn't feel like it's yours, and if it is. It certainly never works because we are wishing we were somewhere else, wishing we had something else, wishing we was someone else.

By the way this coffee thing,
in the morning
in the afternoon
and at night
is growing up on me.

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RATA said...

Just keep on going!

Fuck it