Friday, October 14, 2011

So now I reblog

A couple of months ago I was writing words on paper, I was putting my thouoghts on paper then typing them on the computer.
That was a few months ago...
I did some posts for the Zineswap BLOG, this was the first post.


The two months I spent away from here it was a common thing to be asked about the current situation in Mexico, whether it was safe to visit or not, which places I’d say would be best to avoid. My answer was always the same, Mexico in general is a safe place to be, and worth to be experienced.

Mexico City for example is definitively not safe as for you to walk around with your DSLR camera hanging from your neck, or just sitting on a bench with your laptop computer; there are certain areas where you can do that, but it is not the majority of the city. Wherever you chose to go in Mexico you would be missing the bigger picture by hanging out in just one area, it is always fun to walk around and explore.

If interested you can finish reading the whole thing by clicking on this unnecesary line

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