Friday, October 14, 2011

Then I did what I do "Any Given Sunday"


I have to say that my biggest and only talent has always been the ability for relating to very talented people, other than that… Some of those acquaintances have turned into friendship and some have not.

Some of which did turn into friendship are MARTI and ROXI, they both happened to have a show last year at the GALERIA José María Velasco.

The Gallery is placed in TEPITO a very old, rough and popular neighborhood, located right next to Mexico City’s downtown.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon that had it all.

Starting with: great works from this two guys (drawings, paintings and sculptures), free drinks, a lot of beer (not for free), tons of familiar and unfamiliar faces, and ended with some of the assistants being robbed at gunpoint by some of the local thugs, who came riding scooters for an easy get away thru those narrow and crowded streets.

If interested you can finish reading the whole thing by clicking on this unnecesary line

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